Sunday, 7 September 2008

Overwhelmingly Sad.

With no real reason to be what so ever.

I've been Little Miss Mood Swing for the last 3/4 days and it's really getting on my nerves now. I know exactly why it's happening and there is no means of stopping it. The day before yesterday I kept chopping and changing between snapping at everyone then crying for ages. I yelled at the freezer and ended up breaking one of the drawers because I couldn't find a bag mum asked me to get, then I sat on the floor bawling my eyes out over how happy I was when I finally found it.
Yesterday was supposed to be a nice day: Ben came over with pizza and ice cream and I had the house to myself all day so it was just the two of us faffing about, watching TV and playing Guitar Hero for about a million years. Sounds great, but I spent the whole time feeling overwhelmingly sad and did the mad crying thing a couple of times. I also got very angry ant the game and made Ben take the controller away from me before I broke it. That was horrible because I normally find it hilarious when I fuck up on that game.
I got angry that he had to go home then cried when he left...then cried even more when he called me to say his cab was going to take an hour.
I'm dreading today. Last thing I want to do is yell at everyone and everything again before crying over dropping a penny.

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