Tuesday, 30 September 2008

On a lighter note...

It was great to get back to uni yesterday.
The summer holiday was TOO FUCKING LONG!!!!!
That was well over 4 months of no money, no friends around and sheer bordom setting in.

I woke up at 6am to get ready and leave at 7. I had stuff ready to make sure I survived the early wake-up: tea, so much cerial I could have exploded, another cup of tea, maximum dose of my painkillers (for the impending headache and my still swollen knee), my iPod with Avenged Sevenfold turned up to almost full volume and money for Lucozade once I actually got on campus.

The journey was about the same as always apart from I got two busses instead of just the one to save my leg. I was sat on the first one for AGES because the driver was too early or something and had to stay at that stop until he was closer to time. Nothing much happened on the second really, apart from hitting the school run and being stuck in traffic with some pervy man smiling, waving and blowing kisses at me.

Finally met up with the uni peoples and the first thing I thought upon looking at my fellow misfits was Woah...Michael's hair has grown! then the rest of the "Awwww, I missed you guys." stuff came out.

We found our room - complete with cold draft and massive disco ball hanging from the celling - then Manda, Michael and I sat around wearing bunny ears (kept having to take mine off...MAN, THOSE THINGS WERE ITCHY!). What's hilarious is that no one pays any attention to the silly headwear and the green stickers plastered about our faces anymore. There used to be odd stares and a bombardment of questions from classmates and lecturer alike, but now we get hellos and have conversations that are otherwise normal. It's brilliant!
Manda also brought cookies!!!!!! That was even more brilliant.

The lecture was as dull as ever. That's what you get when you do a subject grounded in a literary theory base rather than a creative writing one. Seriously, it was like being in one of my lit classes but having friends by my side for once. At least, with the other english lit professors, the've all written some kind of book before but the dude we have, Simon, hasn't!!! He has no idea of the processes involved. How the hell is he supposed to teach us anything usefull? I'm pretty much in for a whole term of lit this year "sigh*

When that FINALLY ended, we all went off to the bar for a drink and a chill out. I had a snakebite...mmm...how I've missed those.
Nothing much to tell on that front. It was just nice to see friends again after so long. Especially Michael because the last time I saw him was waaaayyyy back when we went to the zoo. Not good.
I would have stayed longer but had to get back home in time to meet Ben.

I've got another 6am wake-up on Thursday for my postmodern plunder class. Not looking forward to it...a class all on my own...but hey. I've studied the first two texts we're going to be looking at before so that's one less thing to freak out about.

Anyway, I shall leave you with a song I am LOVING at the moment: A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold. They're one of my favourite bands at the moment.
It's completely wrong and you'll gasp at it, but it's soooo good at the same time. Think Corpse Bride only much more evil and disturbing. Listen to the words and take it in good humour.

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