Friday, 26 September 2008

Sex Sells.

I really do understand this now.

Yesterday I went to Oxford Street to buy myself a new pair of trainers - which are the most beautiful shoes in the world might I add - and got completely sidetracked by the La Senza grand opening. At first it scared the crap out of me because I saw what were supposed to be mannequins moving from the corner of my eye. I then looked properly and it was two women waving at me from the window whilst in their underwear!
Before I knew it I was being pulled in to the shop by another lady saying "Come in and look around."
They gave me a fragranced bracelet thingy, free sweets and a glass of champagne (well, several glasses...I kept going to different servers). I decided to stay a while and have a look around at all the gorgeous things that I couldn't buy because most of their PJ's only go up to a 16 (I found one 18 in the place but it would have made me look like a granny!). I had a look at the bras and wasn't particularly impressed until one of the underwear clad ladies walked past after taking a break from the window waving, stopped, looked at the bra I was holding and then said "Wow, that colour goes so great with your hair!" then she winked.
From that moment I think I blushed so much that I started to emit some kind of light then legged it straight down to the back of the store to join the changing room queue. I was met by a lady with more glasses of champagne and a chatty woman behind me telling me she didn't want to come in but an overenthusiastic lady grabbed her whilst she was looking at the models (sneaky tactic much!).
So, yeah, I'm now the owner of a hot pink silk bra with pants to match. What happened didn't quite hit me until I was out of the store. I stood on the pavement and realised that the only reason I bought my new undies was because a half naked person practically told me to...she even gave me a thumbs up as I turned to take one more look before walking to the bus stop. Plying everyone with alcohol probably didn't help much either.

How mad is that? I only went up there for shoes.

I told Ben about my Day and after the initial "How do you always get yourself into these things?", "Why didn't you call me?" and "You're not allowed to perv without me!", he burst out laughing about it all. All that "Why did you fall for it" blah. I know for a fact that if a lady in her skimpies walked up to him and told him to buy something then he would!!

Ahhh well. I do like what I bought, it was just a little unexpected.
Anyway, I'm off now to walk to the shops and wear in my new shoes.

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Weeping Shadows said...

That's.. funny.


Yay for new shoes!

I bought me a new bag...
Lovely money...