Friday, 12 September 2008

I suppose I'm quite lucky.

This is another one of those "ahhh I love him" posts.
You're just going to have to put up with it because it's my blog, so BLLLAAAAAAAAAAHHHNESSSSSSS to you.

Anyway, like the title says, I suppose I'm quite lucky.
My new pill has turned me into a giant mess over the last two-ish weeks and the only person who has REALLY been there for me is Ben. He's cancelled stuff to come and see me a bit more, I get a phone call or text every day asking how I'm feeling, before he gets here he'll ring from the shops and ask if I need anything...or just fancy having anything, he's been trying to make me laugh by making balloon animals (he made a rather freaky dog and a rather drunk looking swan, but it was a dog exploded. Tsk), he brought a bunch of stuff over for us to make cookies, I've not been able to sleep again lately so he brought LOADS of DVDs over for me to watch through the night. Best of all is that he's sat there and taken everything I've thrown at him when my temper flares and not let go of me even for a second when I've burst into tears.

I still feel like complete shit, but I don't feel quite so alone anymore. Mum has obviously now told dad that it's the pill turning me into a psycho and not Ben upsetting me because he's been treading very lightly and occasionally pops his head around my door to ask if I'm OK. Mum said she doesn't have much sympathy and knows what she'd do if she was on anything that caused her this much strife...pack + hand = throw in bin. The support is kind of there but it's not the most helpful. I've been such a weird cow to Ben...I'm surprised he hasn't run a mile from me by now.

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You're very lucky :)