Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Damn you, Alex.

Bloody Alex has take over my story like the manic monster that he is!

I told you Alex was really speaking to me. I've been writing my novel chapter today and he's pretty much taken it over with his awful awful jokes - there's one about sucking a battery because it said lithium which I want to keep in - and recitals of Pink Floyd lyrics.
I'm going to have to rein him back in when I edit on Thursday. My poor main lady hasn't managed to get a word in and it's her bloody story. She's supposed to be angry and annoyed at how she's feeling, but she's too busy reacting to Alex to tell everyone what's going on. She does have a name now, even though she's not been able to introduce herself yet (Gemma).
I've got a feeling, even after I shut Alex up, she's still not going to be quite the way I want her to be, she's too nice to be completely pissed off with being the way she is. She needs to be nice but with a "Oh fuck it" attitude as well but I can't quite figure out how to fit it in there.
I'm not happy with Red either even though she's exactly how I want her to be...it's hit me that I'm never going to be able to explain her properly through Gemma's eyes because her problems are far too complex. I change the whole first person perspective thing...it was Leone's idea, not mine, but I don't like not being able to head hop.

God, I've never had a character go crazy on me before (should have expected this really since he's not sane anyway).
Betty, my OAP agoraphobic from WF2 last year nearly did, but I caught her just in time. She was shouting at me for making her son be so cruel and went on a rant but I nipped it.

Hopefully I can sort this before the week is out.

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