Monday, 5 January 2009

I think I'm getting it...

...My characters for this damn novel have started speaking to me.
One of them, Alex, is in my head nattering away. Red is clutching an old fashioned Gameboy but glaring at me every so often and my nameless protagonist is just standing there screaming at me.

I checked Leone's feedback for the first time a few days ago and had nothing to be frightened of. She didn't diss my idea, she didn't tell me it was too much or tell me it wouldn't work. Her words were "Deeply ambitious" and "Be comical but be of your characters is potentially dangerous!" then there was a Good Luck type thing written at the bottom.

To fill you in a bit, my novel is a journey into the mind of a 19 year old girl suffering from depression (perhaps dysthemia, I've not worked it out 100% yet but it's getting there) and the two friends she makes in the waiting room of a psychologist's office...that's all I'm saying, but I'm starting to love my "potentially dangerous" Alex. He's in his late 20s, is bi-polar and once stole a tractor because he thought the people in The Matrix were coming after him (his pills were blue). His life's philosophy is that kids need to revert back to when two lines and a dot counted as major technology and having a wank to thoughts of women with 4 breasts was the highlight of the day.

Red is schizotypal so looks very eccentric, doesn't speak very much (it's all over the place when she does) and just wiles away the hours reading, playing her Gameboy and listening to music backwards because she's sure Aliens are subliminally sending messages to us all.

My first chapter will be how they all meet (I just need to find a name for my depressed little hells angel).

I feel like I'm slowly getting somewhere. Might spend some time in a coffee shop somewhere tomorrow writing things.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Sounds interesting.
Go for it :)