Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Goodbye cruel (S)LUSH, I hardly knew ye...

So I've heard from everyone else that has been fired from work over the last few days that it's pretty much happening to everyone. One by one we turn up for our shifts only to be told half way through that we are no longer needed and must go. We sign a form about our being released and get paid one week and 15 hours worth of holiday pay. We then have to pack away our stuff, hand back the apron and the badge, then go whilst the supervisors look on astonished at yet another one of us little people walking out gloomy faced.

Head office have given the command. Get rid of as many people from the shop as possible; we can't afford to keep these people. The shop isn't making enough money.

The "sorry, we have to let you go" bollocks hasn't happened to me yet, but I know what Sunday is now going to bring. I've been pre-warned by everyone so I know what to expect when I get called into the office for "a word".
I'm really upset about this. Not simply because I'm going to miss the money, although that will sting,but because I actually liked it there. I liked it there and was able to cope with the nature of it. I never thought I'd be able to have a job where I could quite happily walk up to strangers and chat to them like it was nothing...sure, I'd come home exhausted through it, but it was good.


I'm going on a final spree today. Abusing my 50% discount while I still can just in another branch of Lush. Flash them a payslip and the discount is yours. I think Mum may be coming with me.


Weeping Shadows said...

Oh this sucks.
Have faith, you never know, they may keep you on again :)

Manda-Caroline said...

I'm sorry, Seashell :-( *hugs*