Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome all to 2009!

I'm already dreading it and today is the first fucking day.
It was such a good day until it hit me that I still have uni work to do and just have to go back to uni anyway (I can't stand it there). The thought pretty much ruined my day.
I went out with Ben and a few friends to celebrate the new year at some crappy pub in Bush. It was decided that we should go there because we go to the same pub all the time and everyone wanted a change. It was so bad in there that we ended up leaving and walking down to our regular pub anyway...there was even a completely empty booth in there, it was like some kind of sign.
Nothing much happened aside from one of our friends, Kayleigh, running up to Ben and I after all the party poppers had stopped and shouted "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!" before jumping on us both with arms flailing.
So, yes, it's our 1 year anniversary today. We celebrated by him crashing here with me, me not being able to sleep because of his snoring (but me also cracking up because him talking in his sleep is hilarious) and because of his random bum grabbing. Yes, he does that in his sleep now. It wasn't even a fake sleep thing...he was genuinely taken by the sandman when it happened, I know this because the third time it happened, it was followed by "Thanks for *snore* cooking, babe *snore*" being mumbled into my back.
We spent the whole day lazing around, watching crap TV and playing Guitar Hero, but he then asked me what days I'm at uni so he can work out when we can see each other during my spring semester. I burst into tears at the thought of having to go back there. I honestly didn't think disliked the place so much until tonight. Ben stayed and extra few hours longer just to make sure I was alright before he left.

Ah well, Happy anniversary to us and happy new year to everyone xx

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Weeping Shadows said...

I saw that pic on facebook and couldn't comment on it..
I can here though:

That is such a nice pic of you, and happy anniversary for you too!!!