Thursday, 29 January 2009

Well sod you then.

- Hello.
Any reason why you've decided to stop speaking to me?

-The reason is because u said that u did'nt trust me and it hurt.

To be honest I dont have time to waste with people who dont trust me after 10 years of friendship!

Have a nice life. x

-Even though you knew that at that time that I didn't even trust my own shaddow let alone anyone or anything else?

That's reeeaaaaallll nice, dude.

Do you have ANY idea how much you managed to upset me the last few times I saw you?
What kind of friend fucks off and leaves someone to sit completely on their own in a crowded room of strangers so they can go have a smoke with people they've only known for a few hours - if that - anyway?
I got even more iffy with you because you KEPT ON doing things like that!!!

I'm sorry but that's much worse than my illness making me be a bit paranoid about people. After 10 years of friendship you should know by now that it happens every so often!

If you're going to act like such a twat then it's not worth it anyway.

So, yeah, enjoy your life.
Success in everything you do.
Hope your thing with this 'special someone' goes well
I really hope that one day you grow up.