Monday, 12 January 2009

He's on the sodding warpath again!!!!!

My boss is sacking people YET AGAIN!!!!!

Gillian spoke to me on Facebook earlier with the news. One of our workmates got the sack at the end of her shift yesterday...for no reason apparently (and that sounds about right). She was one understands why Dan sacked her. She's been on the phone crying her eyes out.
Of course this now means that we're all bricking it once again. I have an awful feeling that I'm for the chop, I mean I've escaped twice now...surely it's going to happen soon.

Argggghhhh...Lush is supposed to stand for fun and ethics, not stress!!! ARGGGGGGGGHHHH MORE!!!!!

I don't give a toss about how I've written this. My brain is frazzled from trying to hit my deadline today.

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