Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I think I just need a holiday.

When my deadlines are through that is.

All this feeling stressed and lost is my body telling me it needs a break...prefferably in a swanky hotel with a cosy bed and big fuck off TV for company.
Actually, it doesn't even have to be a swanky hotel. A bungalow in Skegness would do me well quite frankly.
I'd love it if I wasn't on my own in said bungalow either, but The Mister working in a school means that an hotels and holody places are at their most expensive when he's off on school holidays.
I'll work it out somehow.

On the subject of My other half. He's been hit by a car.
Told me on Facebook earlier. He hobbled into work and they've made him leave to get to the hospital and have his knee looked at because it is now fudged. Luckily the hospital is more or less across the road from the school so he should be in there now getting it seen to.
He's not catching much of a break lately. My poor baby :o(

I'm not confident about this BOW essay either. I mean I wasn't really anyway, but lack of books needed for it in the library have just sent me into a major panic. I ended up going onto Amazon and just buying the damn things on express delivery (£8.20...I'M A STUDENT!!! ARGGHH!!!).
Fuck knows how I'm going to blag 2,500 words before quotes. I did some vox-pops outside of a bookshop the other day to find out what the public think about short stories and I'm looking at magazines and other places that publish them...I'm going to attempt to make my explaination of "What is the literary market anyway?" stretch out to about 200/300 words (you'd be surprised at some of the stuff I've learnt over my years of being a prize procrastinator).

Had a tutorial with Leone yesterday afternoon which went well. She likes the direction my stories are going in - I just have to work on viewpoint a bit with one of them - and that they were very funny. Not too sure what form I want them to take yet though...I'm trying to narrow it down to either a Wiki page or a box of objects. I did ask if I could write it on a bus door but she said she didn't want me arrested and has no idea how a student can submit a door anyway.
Then she asked if I could possibly make my submission edible but I don't know if it'll stay fresh that long (also, on a random point, I found out she steals our folders that we submit work in if they're particularly nice).

I should have a bath and get dressed really but I can't be arsed.
Oh wells.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Poor Ben!
Gosh, he'll be fine.

And yes, go on some sort of holiday because it's been a crazy ride this last year. *sigh*