Saturday, 14 March 2009

Not long until I'm back.

The me I'm a lot more comfortable with.
Since early December I've been trying to grow my hair out (promising only to trim my fringe and take half an inch off to stop split ends) but I looked at myself in the Mirror on Thursday and the longer hair just made me feel uncomfortable. That and the colour of it made me cringe.
I've booked a hair cut for this afternoon with my lovely hairdresser LuLu and I'm going to dye it tomorrow evening. I can't be doing with the wildness and the brunetteness any longer Purple it is!

I'm hoping that'll make me feel like my old self again because I've just gone a bit off lately.
I think it has to do with being on a million antibiotics and the stress of looming deadlines. Plus I'm still feeling a bit queasy at the thought of my cousin and!
Missing my other half also isn't helping. It's getting worse and I know the two week "No seeing you or I won't get any work done." is going to eventually drive me mad.

I treated myself to some new clothes yesterday. Not much, just something to tide me over until I can afford a few more things. I also gave some money to Comic Relief...the films they showed last night had me in tears.

Gave the dog a bath not long ago so I now smell like a bottle of Bob Martins and am covered in fur.

I'm just moaning a bit now.

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