Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Oh my achey everything...

In an aid to get a bit more healthy, I've started exercising.
Since I can't afford the gym, my instructor has taken the form of Honey Kalaria in a Bollywood workout DVD.
It's knackering...honestly!
I'm great with the warm up exercises (even with the limited space in my bedroom), but the moment she speeds up I get 10 minutes in, lose my balance completely and fall over.
I got further through the routine than I did a few days ago which is promising, but God it's hard.

Hoping this works really otherwise I've given myself backache for nothing.

In other news...I still have that damn infection.
I've got another course of antibiotics to take to try and get rid of the bastard once and for all. I've been on them for two days now and I think they're starting to take some effect.
My pill is starting to piss me off a bit...I'll go into that when I can be arsed.

Goodnight for now xx

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Weeping Shadows said...

Feeling the burn...
It sucks at first but you get used to it.