Sunday, 15 March 2009

Yus Yus!

The antibiotics have now all been swallowed up and I'M FREE TO DRINK MYSELF STUPID ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!
Oh, sweet sweet alcohol, how I've missed you.

It's great to be well again. No more pissing fire and living off cystopurin sachets mixed in cranberry juice.

The final step to feeling 100% better...DYING MY HAIR PURPLE AGAIN!
I just have to wait for mum to chill out for a little bit then she said she'd help me coat my head in Herbashine (which I really hope works out well as I've never used it before).

Then I have to tidy so everything is nice and not cluttered up in time for The Mister tomorrow afternoon. I miss him like mad and it's the last time we'll get to spend any time together for the next two weeks (excluding the gig at Punk on the 25th but even then I'm just there to see the band play and then I have to shoot off).

Ideas are even starting to flow for my uni work. All I have to really do now is contact my partner and sort out our presentation for Friday.

Life feels alright at the moment.

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