Tuesday, 10 March 2009

That's enough faffing around now...

I've just been given my lowest mark in uni since I started at that place.

I got 54% for my close analysis on The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time and it has come as a bit of a crushing blow.
If I don't pull myself together and stop being a lazy cow then I might actually be able to pull myself away from the looming 2:2 grade that my third year is pushing upon me.

I want my 2:1. It's not impossible.

I may do work very close to deadline but I work DAMN HARD to get everything done. I really slogged my guts out for that piece of work and it only got be a crappy 54 mark. I need to read more.
You're probably sitting there going "Oh, but it's okay because you passed."
It's not okay.
It's okay for other people who haven't been seen as slow or stupid or as an idiot most of their life, but I have a point to prove.

I need to knuckle down because I don't want another mark like that pulling me down to something I could have avoided. I need to WORK HARDER THAN EVER!!!!!

On a happier note: my uncle is finally out of prison. I'm looking forward to seeing him again just as soon as this damn degree finishes and I get my life back.

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