Friday, 6 March 2009

Oh that's just great!


I had to call the doctor today to find out my test results from Tuesday's appointment. She's put me on the wrong fucking antibiotics.
I knew it...they've worked a little bit but I'm still nowhere near better. I've not been able to go out and I've barely been able to sit through my lectures (that's if I even manage to make it in for them).
I'm having such a miserable week and this has just put the cherry on top of the whole sorry excuse for a cake. I have to go through another week of antibiotics, another week of discomfort and another two weeks of my pill not working all because the stupid twat of a doctor fucked it up.

I'm going to the walk-in centre from now on. It takes a while to be seen but at least they do their job.


ace said...

Thats why i cure all sickies with skittles.

Half-Divine said...

I must admit, that does sound like a tasty way of doing it...