Friday, 27 March 2009

This is tricky.

The other half has been going downhill in mood for about 3 weeks now and today, via a status change on Facebook, it appears he's pretty much either hit the bottom or is close to it now.
He thinks he has nothing to show for his choices and that he's going to be stuck in a dead end job for the rest of his life.
Ok, so it doesn't sound like a major downfall but before this happened he was pretty much the eternally happy one. Always optimistic, hilarious, refused to ever let anyone be too sad in his company...he looked forward to things. Now he's gotten so low he hardly cares when things happen and just carries on for the sake of it. He can't be arsed with his friends and his faith is waining.
Life has been hard lately and I think he's bottled so much up that it's now manifesting itself in this way. Problem is that I have no idea how the hell to try and help him.
I'm in a better position that him mood wise at the moment so am trying so hard to keep spirits up slightly and offer an ear whenever he needs it (day or night for however long...I really don't care!) but it just feels like it isn't enough. I've never experienced him in this way before.


Weeping Shadows said...


Well just be his support. Or why don't you tell him to pray? He should know the holy spirit will be his comforter and support when you're not there with him.

Half-Divine said...

I did mention prayer but he gave a bit of a weird look when I said it.
It doesn't sound sincere coming from me (I really do try but it's in-built).

It's just been one crappy thing after another for him lately and I am always there if he needs me, he knows that, but he carries on bottling things up and getting more and more low. He's starting to avoid going out and answering his phone to anyone.

It's hard to help someone feel good about life again when you yourself don't see the point in it half of the time.

I'll try calling or something later...see if I can get a small laugh at least.