Friday, 27 February 2009

Against the orders...

I'm going out.
I feel like Stomp are doing a performance in my head whilst Jamie Oliver goes at my throat with a cheese grater but I don't want to be stuck indoors on a Friday night.
My main motivation? To annoy the boyfriend.

We haven't seen each other in two weeks and the original plan was to spend today chilling out together (either going out or staying in...we'd sort that out in a spontaneous and groovy kind of way). This was the plan at the start of the week...
Now, however, he has abruptly changed things and is going out with his friends down the pub instead. I got a phone call saying "Oh, you can come if you fancy."

So, yeah, I am going out...his friends invited me out to some pub next door to the one he's going to be at. Two can play that fucking game.
It annoys me so much when he does this yet, when I bring it up, he never sorts it out.

I think I'm a little hormonal right now.

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Manda-Caroline said...

:-O that's awful, Seashell! I'm mentally sending you Mudslides and chocolate and Bowie crotch