Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I miss work.

Every now and again I get a little pang around the chest area whenever I think back to working at Lush. As much as I couldn't stand my boss, I really miss that place. I miss talking to the weird and wonderful customers, learning about new products and being trained to do all sorts of crazy things. It probably doesn't help that a couple of my old supervisors are Facebook friends so I keep seeing them put up pictures of the shop.
I can't even bring myself to go into a store at the moment (which is crap because I've only got one Sex bomb left).

What else is happening in the world of me anyway...

Ah, yes.
Some of you will groan at me and call me a crazy lady, but I have decided that I'm probably going to go back on the pill next week. Yeah, I'm a complete glutton for punishment and it'll probably do me no good but I can't live with the panic anymore.
I'm going to book an appointment at my clinic and talk to them about the mini pill they gave me back in September. I want a proper answer - in a weaker accent so I can understand what was said - as to whether Cerazette is effective enough to take given my size. The doctor tried giving me a prescription of two mini pills a day instead of one last time I was there, but she made me so nervous I just took Cerazette and walked out. I need to understand things more before I put any more crap into my body. I kept saying I was going to go on the implant, but I think I'm saving that as a last resort simply because it's a little bit more tricky to stop once I've started. If I'm taking pills then at least I can just stop if I don't like it. Implanon has to be cut out of your arm.

Right, what else?
Ah, uni stuff. I got my provisional results from last semester.
I managed to get 60% for Developing the Novel and 59% for Postmodern Plunder. Can't say I'm best pleased with what I've gotten so far this year but at least I passed. Hopefully I'll get better grades in Children's lit and FaIF so I can pull up my overall percentage. I really want to graduate with a 2:1, but I'm not set to do so if I follow this trend. I think I'm just going to completely flop BOW...I don't understand the class at all. Liz, the lecturer, is an arse head!
I might actually give myself a day off uni today so I can get cracking on my close reading essay for lit (I've not read the book she set. I did try but I just couldn't get my head into it). I'm not feeling well anyway, keep feeling like I need to be sick and am stupidly tired, so a little break might be nice. Not a break from work, just from the stuffy classroom.
In fact I think that's my best bet for today...


Manda-Caroline said...

Ahhh, the dreaded pill :-/ I'm doing pretty well without it right now thank god >.<

I guess all I can say is...make sure it's not Microgynon30 or Cileste :-p both gave me agony and moods like an amputated bear

Half-Divine said...

It's Cerazette.
It's a POP as opposed to a COC (so it only has one hormone instead of two).
I'm now allowed back on a combined pill. Too dangerous acording to them.

Weeping Shadows said...

Oh deary... that damn pill again. But it's true, as long as you know enough information about them, you should be fine.

Half-Divine said...

I'm satisfied with what I was told today.
When I got put on it in September, I asked about my weight influencing how effective it would be and the doctor said this "You use condoms as well? Oh, should be ok then...I think."
Should isn't a word I like, especially coming from a qualified doctor about my tablets working the way they damn well should (arse woman!).
I don't want to take it but I'm not affraid of the thing now at least.

If I start going loopy-loo around you guys then you know what's happened...