Saturday, 21 February 2009

Right, right, right...

This is me getting my week in order.

I've got two deadlines next week: one close analysis and one interim portfolio piece of shit thing.
As well as that I have reading to do and a few bits of homework for Leone.

So here's what I'm doing...


-Email more people for BOW and HOPE TO SOMETHING that I get a reply.
-Sit my arse down and analyse my chosen chapter of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time. Start it (I did the weird angry delete thing again yesterday and lost it all).


- Write up some of close analysis (just have to get a book to add some secondary sources).
- Start interim portfolio (focusing on proposal idea)


-Go to library and grab secondary source material to quickly add a couple of quotes.
-Final edit of close analysis
-Continue portfolio (focusing on essay question).


- Mad morning edit of analysis then hand in before class starts at 2
-Get home and start Leone's "homework pack."
-Carry on with portfolio work


-Possibly go out for a break.
-More portfolio work (hopefully to the point where I've finished and can submit).


-Tutorial with the Clegg.
-More of Leone's homework.


-FaIF class until 12.
-Go home and collapse.

Right. Now I've sent that plan out into the universe it probably wont happen in that way at all.

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