Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Got the muse in my head, she's universal...

I'm really annoyed because I've had ideas in my head which I've wanted to write down all afternoon but haven't had a chance. Now I have a break in my lecture and notebook to hand, all the ideas are fading away. All I can really remember is a first line for a short story I think I want to write and a description of the hot chocolate I bought in Cafe Direct before class started. It always tastes awful from that place; it's either hot water with a dash of boiled cardboard or murky brown with a green tinge. The only thing that seemed to have given it any flavour today was a blob of coffee that fell into the cup before I hit the button for the chocolate to spurt out.
I would have walked to Frobel for one from their coffee shop - deep, intoxicating, velvet textured chocolate topped with whipped cream and a mountain of fluffy white marshmallows - but it was freezing outside and seemed like far too much of a trek for something so gorgeously fattening.
I think I really do have a thing for drinking chocolate...
The best one so far has been from Häagen-Dazs in Leicester Square. It was gratifying beyond anything a man or woman could ever give me...seriously, I wanted to book a room with it!

I'd get back to the main point but I don't have one so...Oh, yes, some old lady sat next to me on the bus earlier farted very loudly then burst out laughing. It was the funniest thing I've seen, heard and smelt on a bus in very a long time. She was wonderful...she did it, said in a thick Jamaican accent "That'll be my cabbage stew." Then the laughter erupted.


I had my children's lit class today (nothing in heaven or below answered my plea for more snow). I actually like that class - that's the first time this has happened since Life writing with Sean in my first year - so I don't mind going to it really. The books we're looking at are really interesting and I think some of the techniques we're analysing will help me with my portfolio for Fiction and Innovative Form since we're looking at innovative ways in which the authors craft their stories to speak to their young readers.

As for myself as a writer generally, I think I'm starting to get the gist of what I want to do.
We all know I've dabbled in writing erotica and such, well I think that's an area I'd like to stay in. Erotica and perhaps non-fiction things to do with that whole world. The only other thing I enjoy is writing for young people but I don't feel like I have any place there (not at this moment in my life anyway). Meh, I'll just have to see what pops up.

Oooooo, I had a dentist appointment yesterday.
My teeth are still awesome!

Over and out xx

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