Sunday, 15 February 2009

Nice day.

I actually had a nice Valentines day.

Well, alright, last year was nice too but yesterday was nice in a surprise type of way.
I met my Mister outside the station at 2 and he took me shopping. I mean REALLY took me shopping...wherever I wanted to go and whatever I fancied having he'd buy. That did make me feel a bit weird - especially since I couldn't afford anything for him this year - but when I called him crazy and said he didn't have to do all this he just told me to hush, said "love is a form of madness", then started pointing out shops saying " about that?", "What about a ring or a necklace or something?", "Bras? I'll brave La Senza.", "Do you want shoes? I KNOW you like shoes."
It carried on in that fashion for a little while until I got confused and didn't have a clue what I wanted so we walked to Marks & Spencer where he bought strawberries and chocolate saying "I'm not telling you why, just go with it."

Eventually, we found ourselves in HMV and he got me a £25 iTunes voucher, Ross Noble DVDS and Mighty Boosh DVDs. He tried to buy me the whole Friends box set but I ran off to the tills yelling "eennnnoooouuuuuugggggghhhh!!!" at that point because it was getting too crazy.
I managed to drag him out of the shopping centre completely after a small hissy-fit of "But I've not hit the minimum of what I was going to spend on you..." and we got the bus to Sainsbury's. We picked up some glasses, a bag of ice, something for lunch and he bought two MASSIVE cakes to share with my family who were staying over at mine.
I'm sure you can guess what the glasses and ice were for. He bought a bottle of pink champagne for us - refusing to let me see the receipt after I went to pick it up from the floor - and the strawberries were to put in the glasses (as well as to melt chocolate onto and munch).

We sat around with my family for a little while with The Mister talking to my new uncle about guitars and playing on the PS3 with my little cousin for a while. I nattered with my mum and aunt for a while (which led to signing Morning has broken...I dunno). After that, The Mister and I went back into my room to start on the champagne and watch the Boosh.
I don't remember too much after that. I know that we didn't go to bed properly until about 3 but it's a pink blur after that (damn you gorgeous alcohol!).

We woke up at around 11 and realised we had the house to ourselves (family had gone to catch their flight and my parents had gone to take my uncle out), so we took advantage of the situation before he had to leave and meet a couple of his friends. I'd be fuming about him having to leave so early, but he did a lot for me yesterday and we're spending the whole of tomorrow together because it's half term.

Not bad for two people who don't really like Valentines day. Lol.
I really do need to sleep now.

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Weeping Shadows said...

He really treated you. That is so nice.
Don't feel bad, it was out of his will, he WANTED to? And why not? You're a special lady :)

Glad you had a nice Valentines! xx