Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow snow snow!!!

Yesterday was awesome!!!

I've not seen snow like that in about 6 years. It came down like crazy...fully formed snowmen could have been dropping out of the air. Honestly!
I took pictures when it first started coming down - after I'd warmed up from waiting for a bus after Abiola's birthday munch - but couldn't snap any during the day because the kids on the estate had taken over and started pelting strangers with snowballs then tried attacking people with a shovel and snowballs so compacted that they became ice balls. One lady swung her handbag at a bunch of them after they ganged up on her. Dad rang the police whilst I watch her spin and whack three of them in the face.
I made snow people on my balcony, although I didn't have anything to use for their faces so they ended up looking like curvy snow blobs in the photos I tried to take.

Ben got the day off work as well and, as it was a Monday, he came over to see me. No buses were running so he walked all the way up to mine in the snow. He looked like Mr Frosty when he got here: his trilby was coated in a layer of white, his face had flakes melting on it, his glasses were steamed up, his black puffer jacket could barely be recognised and his jeans were soaked up to the knee. I opened the door and he stood there looking at me saying "Hellllllpppppppppp." Good thing his brain was actually working that day and he brought shorts and dry socks with him. I hung his stuff on the radiators to dry whilst he dived into my bed yelling "I'M A COLD LITTLE MAN!"

I may venture out a little later to play in what's left of the snow. Two of the local schools are open again now so the estate is a lot quieter than it was yesterday. Aside from that I'll probably spend my day finishing the book I had to read for my now cancelled class this afternoon.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Awww Ben walked all the way to your house to see you, bless him.
That's really sweet.

That third picture looks like a pic that could be in a book or something, it's really serene and cool.

Snow is pretty, why won't it snow some more??? *sigh*