Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I'm 32 flavours and then some...

I seem to be using song titles as blog titles lately...

Anyway, this blog is to post something that is currently a craze on Facebook.
It's called '25 things' and you basically post 25 random facts about yourself then tag people to fill it out too.
Now, I did do this on Facebook but I seriously had to wrack my brains as to what I could write because I have friends and family on there who I'd rather not share some things with (mostly because they're vile but that's another story...).
On my blog I pretty much say whatever the hell I want, so here is my uncensored version:

1)I'm obsessed with buying bath and body stuff. I've got about a million different hand creams, body lotions, shampoos, massage bars, foot creams, cuticle butters, bath bombs, bubble bath, soaps, facial scrubs and cleansers. I'm still trying to find the ones that finally make me beautiful.

2)I LOVE dragons and anything to do with them. I know they're not real, and a little part of my soul dies every time I have to think about that.

3)I was a Christian up until I was 15 years old. I started to waver off when I was 16 and decided I believed none of it anymore when I was 17.

4)I very rarely fancy people or get crushes. I'm just not interested the majority of the have to be pretty damn special to get my attention.

6)I'm 22 yet still afraid of the dark. Not being able to see anything freaks me out.

7)I've been bisexual since I was about 14. I ignored what I felt because my crazy head thought God was testing me and the feelings would stop. They never did but I'm happy for that.

8)I don't think anyone quite understands how much I miss my nan. I still deeply regret not spending a few weeks that summer with her because I was "too busy" with something else (nothing).

9)The only time I really bother cleaning is when I know my boyfriend is visiting.

10)The only reason I went to university was to build up my confidence enough to survive outside and not break down again. I never expected to do very well or make any friends.

11)Losing so many people from my past has really upset me.

12)Sometimes I feel guilty for not reading the set texts uni gives us...especially because I can speed read so it wouldn't even take me very long. I just can't be arsed.

13)I lost my virginity not long after I turned 21. When I tell most people this I get the strangest responses, but when they tell me how old they were and how it happened I know I can grin because my 'de-flowering' wasn't a desperate rush or a big mistake.

14)I love tea and hot chocolate more than any other drinks. If those were all I needed to survive then I would do so quite happily.

15)If things had gone better when I was at secondary school then I highly doubt I'd have any mental issues (or at least not to this extent)...

16)...but without those crap experiences and this weird thing taking over my brain then I don't think I'd have turned out a very nice person.

17)My boyfriend and I don't really do the Valentines thing. On principal I should be perfectly fine with this - I know it's a money grabbing day - but part of me really wishes he'd at least pick out a card.

18)I blame my uncle Johnny for my complete avoidance of horror films. Letting a 3 year old see zombies eating people isn't a very smart move...

19)I can't stand pictures of myself. Any of them. I think my face looks absolutely disgusting.

20)I love corsets. I think they're the most beautiful looking thing a person can wear.

21)I'm not ashamed to admit that I love sex and happily buy things to enhance the experience.

22)I'd love to be able to take the comedy writing course I went on during my gap year again. I never said a word to anyone in that class or shared ideas...I just wasn't confident enough. I know I could do it now and probably get a lot more from the lessons.

23)I'm one of those weird people who craves salad and carrots more than chocolate and cheese.

24)I like my boobs and bum. Apparently that's a bad thing because I'm fat.

25)For the longest time I thought Bowie was actually singing "Hazy cosmic chives" in Starman.

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Weeping Shadows said...

I'm with you on number 24. Hell yeahhhh!

So what if we're fat? We have more meat and cushion than you skinny people! :p