Thursday, 12 February 2009


"All results are negative. No further action needed."

Meh, I already knew that!!!
Stupid least I can start the process of getting an implant fitted now.

I'm seriously trying to work out what to take to Leone for my tutorial tomorrow afternoon.
I haven't really written anything other than homework task stories and I'm not proud of any of those. I like the idea of writing something in a stream-of-consciousness because it's interesting to get a rush of thoughts about something written down as opposed to carefully crafted words and sentences. That's not to say I wont sit there and edit everything until I think it's just about passable, I just like the idea of it looking like a rush of thoughts gradually changing and shortening.
Another idea I had was a blog-style story. Because it's "innovative form" I could actually give in a blog idea what of, but a blog page none the less. Diaries aren't written in books much anymore. I like the idea of push button publishing that most people can read as the idea of a diary (something previously hailed as something no one else should ever read but the owner). Again, with diaries, you don't have to follow a proper form, nor do you have to stay on point.

I dunno...I'm so stuck.

I'm going to eat something then finish off my wine. Lets see if that can't help stir up something in my head.

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