Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Another lifestyle overhaul.

I had my pill consultation at the clinic yesterday afternoon and my weight has gone up stupidly!!!!
Oh no no, I can't be having this. I lost a load just before Christmas because of how much I was running around under the hot lights at Lush, but I've managed to gain that back and more. The nurse was really nice about it - for a bloody change - and just said that it's an after Christmas thing and most patients she has seen have gone up by at least 2kg (I've gone up by bloody 6kg though). The good news is that my blood pressure has gone from being weirdly high to pretty much normal. The nurse was very impressed and just reckons I suffer from 'White coat syndrome' (meaning that the blood pressure only goes up because of the fact that I'm in a hospital and nervous).
I'm going to jump back on the healthy horse which means no more pizza, cake or alcohol when I'm at matter how much Radish nags and pulls faces at me!
No more drinking stupid amounts of wine by myself anymore and no more snacking on complete crap. I went shopping with Mum earlier and bought myself some fruit, some healthier option rice crisps, bran flakes, salads and cranberry juice. As well as that I bought in some healthier southern fried chicken chunks for Monday when I see The Mister because he's partly the cause of the extra weight. When he's around I'm lazy and end up eating the junk he buys for us, but I've bought some low in everything oven chips and chicken with a coating that's better for us. He won't even be able to tell the difference I can guarantee it.
I'm not 100% sure what to do in order to exercise more. I already walk a lot...all I can think of it upping how long I do that for and maybe trying to find a hill to get my heart rate going a bit. The nurse jokingly suggested jumping The Mister more often, but that's impossible given the whole annoying fact that we only see each other once a week because of our schedules.
The Cerazette has a common side effect of weight gain, so I really want to be able to control things a little bit more. I do feel more satisfied with the answers I was given about my weight having influence on how effective it'll be though. The nurse said that it should work absolutely fine because it's stronger than other brands of mini-pill.

My body is a twat as well. I was under the assumption that I'd have at least another week before I had to start my pill but the lady pains came this morning. I've had no time to build up the will to want to take the damn thing.
I swear it did that on purpose!!!

Er...other things anyway...
Aha, Wetlands.
It's a book I'm reading at the moment after so many people told me it would be worth it. I'm slightly disappointed to be honest. The protagonist, Helen, doesn't shock or repulse me in any way, I just find her boring and a bit spoilt. You don't get a proper sense of who she is and why she does things aside from little tricks every now and again to try and get her divorced parents in her hospital room at the same time to try and get the family back together. Everything else she does I simply don't get.
I've not finished it yet but I'm sure I'll still feel the same at the end unless there's some kind of drastic twist. It's not up there with the likes of Greer or Ballard like the cover suggests. I might pass it on to someone else...or let The Mister read it just to creep him out.

I STILL don't understand BOW. I'm sick of this now because I've read the module booklet but am very lost. I've no idea what Clegg the peg is doing. I don't know what's happening with tutorials and don't know what we're supposed to give her...something about our portfolio or something. I'm clueless. I'm going to fail really, aren't I?

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