Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I miss him, I miss him, I miss him, I miss him, I miss him, I miss him, I miss him, I miss him, I MISS HIM GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!

It's only been two weeks...I'm pathetic.
Shutting myself away from the world to do uni work never used to be this difficult.

Anyway, the plan I posted a couple of days ago was never followed (as is the fashion with me).
I did manage to get my analysis for Children's lit over and done with although I think I'm in shit because I couldn't find ANYTHING in terms of secondary material to back up what I had found. Bollocks.

Two people have finally gotten back to me about email interviews for my Business of Writing class, so I was practically skipping when I saw my inbox last night. One is with Laura Godman, Cliterature editor of Scarlet magazine, and the other is this guy called James who works for a company that aims to "bring back the short story in all its glory!"
I'm excited about the answers from Laura...Scarlet is my favourite magazine and I slipped some questions in that aren't to do with my work but what I really want to know.
James' answers will be awesome as well I'm hoping, considering he can help me get to the root of my essay question and he just seems really friendly.
So I can write those two into my portfolio that I plan to hand in later today and via the Clegg's damn Internet submission thing then crack on with Leone's homework.
Tomorrow I have a tutorial with the Clegg, which should only take 5/10 minutes, then I'm off with Manda and whoever else can make it to TGIF for a drink and hopefully some lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I'm so sick of how hungry my new pill is making me.
You wouldn't think of it to look at me, but I actually don't eat that much and I'm pretty healthy with my choices most of the time (apart from when my Mister is around. He seems to have a phobia of green leafy stuff). I've had to buy in loads of things to snack on when the hunger starts to make me feel sick.
That's been about the only think driving me mad with it so far though, so touch wood I'll be able to stay on it without going nuts like the last time. I don't want to be a crying, shouting, bleeding, untouchable mess again. It's been a week and none of that has happened yet.

I need to get back to my work.

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