Sunday, 5 October 2008

Death awaits thee with big pointy teeth...



Ben's been keeping what he was doing for my birthday a secret for well over a month now and only dropping strange hints here and there. Today he told me where we are going. It was supposed to be a secret but he got a bit panicky and asked if I actually wanted to see it before it was too late.
I've wanted to see this show for years so I'm REALLY looking forward to it. I'm a massive Monty Python lover so I'm hoping this show is as amazing and amusing as the reviews have said.
I feel like this week is going to be OK now. I've got Ben with me on Tuesday after he finishes work because the band decided to leave it off for this week so he could spend some time with me (since we've had problems with how much he's been taking on lately), I'm going out with my uni crazies on Wednesday which is just going to be awesome, Thursday is going to be a break in the fun to get some homework sorted, Friday is SPAMALOT and I still have no idea what Saturday is. I'd like to think Emma and I would have settled stuff by now so I could go out for a drink with her, but I still can't talk to her properly after the way she's been acting. Whenever she's phoned I've kind of gone into a haze about everything she's been going on about apart from how her son, my Godson, is doing lately. I've not seen him in months.

Ah well. This WILL be a good birthday.
Last year sucked so this year can only be an improvement.


Weeping Shadows said...


That's gonna be nice; see, a lovely birthday :)

Manda said...

You're gonna have a GREAT birthday, if we have anything to do with it! ^_^

I'm sure you'll love your present from us, anyhow :-p