Sunday, 26 October 2008

A Lush Life: Part 3

Today was my last day of training.

We were all in the Kingston branch this time, so we could have a rough idea of what our store will be like (a bit like a witches kitchen).
I met most of my fellow lushies at Waterloo station along with one of our trainee managers. We had a mad train ride to Kingston where Tom (that manager I just mentioned), tried to make us sing songs and said some rather crude stuff about some of our products being good lube(!)

We got trained up on skincare and haircare a little bit more and how to link sell products (I can't be arsed to go into that).
We also played with bubble bars a little bit more.
After than it was lunch and we all went to Pizza hut...I refuse to call it Pasta hut!!!!
When we got back we had a Q&A with the manger and trainees then got taken downstairs in groups to learn how to weigh products, wrap them up and work the till (well, some of us missed out on the last one and have to be trained in store.

That was pretty much the day.
I'm just twiddling my thumbs until Saturday now.

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Manda said...

Was the one making the lewd comments the Russell look-a-like? If so, he sounds very promising