Wednesday, 15 October 2008

So, I work for Lush Cosmetics.


I start my training on Friday 24th of October and that carries through until Sunday, then I find out my working hours. I'm training at the Regent Street store and the Kingston idea where the 3rd is.
I'm down to do 15 a week but my boss says I can change that if I find it's too much/too little.

The interview was actually really cool.
I had to go to the King Street branch near Sloane Square. I got there about 20 minutes early, so I had a walk around and got chatting to one of the girls that work there. She was doing demos and we talked about favourite product combinations and such. I then got called into the staff room upstairs and met with the manager and trainee manager of the new store I'm going to be working in. In there end there were 6 of us in the interview and we had several things we had to do. We had sticky labels where we had to write our name and Star sign (don't ask me why...they just like that).
First was an ice breaker thing where they went around all of us and asked us to say a bit about ourselves as well as mention our favourite film and the worst Christmas present we've ever received. After that, we did a thing they called "Pimp your partner" - sounds rude but wasn't - where we got paired off and we had to interview each other and find out as much as we could as well as come up with a new product idea each. We had to read our results out loud. Then came the shop tour where we learnt how to do demos of the products, learnt a little bit more about them, got told what our shop is going to look like and how we're going to specialise in skincare rather than bath bombs. Whilst that was going on, we got pulled out one by one for a quick interview on our own. My boss said there and then that he was impressed with my people skills and my previous work experience (especially the stewarding/security work) and I could have the job there and then if I wanted it.

I get £6.50 an hour but I get an extra pound bonus for every 10% they get over their daily sales target. As well as that, after my first month, I get 50% off all Lush products. That's everyones Christmas gifts sorted!!!!

I'm so chuffed. I've not had a proper job since I was 16!!!


Weeping Shadows said...


That's amazing, and at 6.50 an hour.

Wow, that's AWESOME

Shelly! Shelly! Shelly!

Hehe, congrats again

Manda said...

CONGRATS SHELLS! That's an impressive coinage per hour (I still don't know what mine is - I was so happy to get the job that I never asked)

The interview sounds fantastic, wish I'd had interviews like that! Especially a place that likes to know your starsign ^_^