Saturday, 25 October 2008

A Lush Life: Part 2

Today was my second day of training with the crazies at Lush.
I actually got there half an hour early this time and was greeted upstairs by me new supervisor, Dallas (who was in the interview with me last did she make supervisor?), and two of my colleagues whose names I cannot remember. We sat talking about The Mighty Boosh, Eddie Izzard, Black Books, Offensive ring was cool.
Everyone else then came up along with another supervisor (I can't remember his name but he does look and act freakishly like Russel Brand. Right down to reading us passages from The Joy of Sex). We all did a few more introductions then played a Mexican wave game where we all stood in a circle, held hands and had to do a sequence of waves depending on what our manager, Dan, did. That nearly broke my arms.
We were then taken off in groups to go down onto the shop floor and have a sniff of everything, talk to each other about our favourite products, have a play with them and pick two of our favourites to take about later on in the session. Unfortunately I keep getting paired up with some 16 year old brat called Tia who has a tiny attention span, is rude to people, moans constantly and ignores other peoples opinions. Reaaaallllyy hoping she grows up a bit over the course of the job because I may have to kill her otherwise.
Groups who weren't down on the shop floor stayed with Dallas and the Brand doppelganger to look at pictures of celebrities, note their body language and suggest products that may be suitable for them based on how they present themselves.
We then ran through store opening times and I found out my hours (although I've changed some). After that, we went through the company dress code: You can wear anything as long as it's black or white, mad piercings and tattoos are allowed, our shoes can be whatever colour and style that we like, nails have to either be completely clear of varnish or varnished very nicely with no chipping, rings are a no no because of demos, hair can be crazy coloured and hats are only allowed if they look rather jaunty (bowler hats are a yes, big fuck off sombreros are a no). They said we all have to look like we use the products but don't need them (a nice way of saying we have to look after our hair and skin for the customers).

After all that jib-jab, we played a bag game. We got into groups of three - me, Gillian and Tia got put together - and we had to put one foot on a large Lush bag and attempt to turn it over to the other side without taking our feet off of it. Whoever did that would win a £1 bonus on top of their wages for that the end he gave everyone a bonus though.

During the lunch break myself, Gillian, Tia, Lucy, Nikki and some other woman whose name escapes me walked around trying to fine somewhere to eat and occasionally ran into shoe shops because Gillian went mad, shouted "SHOSIES FOR MEEEEEEE!" then ran in before anyone could grab her.

After lunch it was presentation time. We all got paired up (I got Tia...AGAIN!) and had to work out how to treat customers with different needs. One group got a pregnant customer, we got someone who has never been to Lush before, another group got a grannie shopping for grandchildren. Tia made me speak...but giving me the most evil look in the universe when I said she should do something because I did he majority of the work in our pair today (I don't think I was asking much to be honest).

After that it was home time!!!!!!!!
Sweet sweet home time.

I've been sitting at home giving mum hand and arm massages.

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