Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I've had an awesome birthday!!

Today is my 22nd birthday and, despite wondering where the last year went and why it had to do it so quickly, I've had such a good day!

I can't really go into the day too much, simply because the sleeping pills are kicking in, but I can say that it was awesome and I really do love my friends very much.

We met in Hammersmith at 1 then traveled down to TGI Friday in Leicester Square whilst wearing party hats, waving plastic wands and walking around everywhere randomly blowing horns (it got us some verrryyyy strange looks. Mostly from police officers).
When we got to L-Square, the guys did something damn scary to me...they made me have a caricature portrait thing done. I was terrified at the time, but I really like the outcome now I've looked at it a bit more. Most of the time caricaturists are quite unkind, but the worst this guy did was give me huge boobs and, to be fair, I do have those anyway.

Face is a weenie bit too thin, but I still like it. My parents want to frame it and put it in the hall along with the rest of our strange and mismatched pictures.

We got into TGI and did the usual acting like loons, shouting strange innuendo, taking photos of every passing second. Some of the photos are brilliant as it goes, especially the ones with us wearing our various stick-on moustaches. I look like the lovechild of the Pringles man and Kernel Sanders wearing it. Our desert was free thanks to a nifty voucher I was emailed (although I kept on trying to give the waitress it simply because it was making me nervous...don't ask why, it just was!), the only embarrassing downside to that was having to stand up in front of everyone whilst holding my cake with a little candle nestled in one of the layers as staff and customers alike all sang happy birthday to me (aside from one old couple at the back who gazed at me like I'd just fallen out of a tree).

That was about it. Everyone had to go home after that.

I got some cool pressies from peoples. £200 from my parents (it was that or a new phone), perfume from my uncle and cousins, £10 from Nan & Granddad, a weird but groovy frog from Sian, chocolates and a DAMN GROOVY letter opener set from Manda, Michael, Abi and Diana. It's beautiful; a wooden base with a gold shield saying TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT on it. There are 4 openers each displaying a different Triwizard task dragon on the top (Welsh Green, Chinese Fireball, Hungarian Horntail and Swedish shortsnout). It incorporates three of my favourite things: Harry Potter, Dragons and pointy things I can poke Ben with if he misbehaves.

It's been a great birthday because, despite everything happening at the moment, I'm actually happy. I feel like I've got a great group of friends, I have a boyfriend who manages to put up with how odd I've gone lately, I have some great family members. It's nice to feel that way.

Thank you guys x


Weeping Shadows said...

Your welcome :)


Manda said...

I'm really, really happy you had a great day, Seashell!

Next up: Christmas ^_^