Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Had a much better day.

I've been shopping today. I decided to to to Oxford Street in the hope if finding a Dorothy Perkins that actually a)stocks my size and b)stocks the same cardie I bought from their website. I wanted to see it up close and possibly try it on so I could just send it back unopened if it turned out that the thing makes me look like a twat.
Alas, like most of the stuff they show on the site, it wasn't there. In fact, there was nothing decent in the place at all aside from the security guard (ding-dong!).
I thought I'd roam around since it was a long way back home and going for just one shop is a bit silly. I ended up buying a really nice bra from La Senza (but refuse to buy the matching pants...I am not paying £14 for a pair of knickers!), a load of pants from Evans (found a pair that go with the bra really well and it was 3 pairs for £10. UP YOURS, LA SENZA!) and and annnnnddd I finally found a top from that place which actually fits me properly. It's black with a black & white stripe insert for the arms and around the chest. Something that's my style, that's also warm and that fits... halle-fucking-lujah!!

So after that shopping trip I feel quite good about myself. I love my new clothes and I'm back to appreciating my lovely, cellulite-ridden, wobbly bits once again.
It's amazing what a top and some pants can do to a person's self-esteem really.

I got more cards in the post this morning. I *think* it's my aunt's handwriting on them. That's a total for four now, although I've no idea who the other two are from. I want to say Nan & Granddad, but that doesn't look like her handwriting.
I'm looking forward to seeing my crazies tomorrow and I'm hoping the good mood follows through to then as well. Should do...that's provided Ben stops texting me how many hours I have left of being 21. I may have to go down there and hit him with something if it carries on.

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