Saturday, 11 October 2008

Lancelot is Gay.

Spamalot was awesome last night.
Ben had managed to get us seats in the second row of the stalls, so we had a BRILLIANT view of everything going on. It was like watching the film apart from it had more songs in it than just "Camelot"
We got to the theatre about an hour early, so we ended up wandering around Soho for a while too find a pub/cafe/somewhere to sit. That didn't happen, but we did end up taking a wrong turn into a street full of sex shops. We were going to just wander through to the other side but Ben stopped outside one of the shops, cracked up laughing then pointed to a sign saying SPANKORAMA downstairs. We were stood there for ages laughing then he pulled me away and said, in between chuckles, "I need to get away from here. If I see another sign like that I'm going to die!"
We were going to buy some souvenirs but they kicked us all out. I wanted a killer Rabbit slippers :o(

I went to Aroma with my cousins today. It was my little cousin's 10th birthday so we celebrated with "oriental cuisine" at its best. My older cousin - the younger one's mum - then grabbed me for a natter and a walk around the shops. She doesn't go out much anymore because of the kids so another woman to shop with and talk to must have been a Godsend.
We're trying to arrange a day out shopping now to give her some time to venture out away from her husband and into some shops without anyone moaning about being in the same place for too long.

I would write more but I'm shattered.
I DO have more to say though, so there will probably be a bitchy blog tomorrow.

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