Tuesday, 14 October 2008


The deadline is tomorrow morning and I still have NOTHING to email in about this sodding novel report. I just don't have an idea in my head at all.
I thought I did but the plot would have been far too complex and I can't be doing with that.

All I know is that I want my characters to be young-ish, mid teens, simply because I can capture the voice of young people and batty old people perfectly (according to Leone).

A young person and a batty old person...Hmmm...

Nope. Still have no clue.


Manda said...

Why not just take a little situation and use your comedic skills to make it an awesome novel? Anything from a teen girl moving in with her dad for the first time, to a young girl's desperate attempts to lose her virginity or something.

Hell - the great book The Commitments was just about a group of hilarious people struggling to form a band. The whole book is based around the comedy, because the plot was shallow, but it's fantastic

Half-Divine said...

I have an idea now. It's a comedy set in a mental institution.

I'm not happy with it but time to leisurely change my mind has passed.