Friday, 3 October 2008

Sometimes I really hate being fat.

I say sometimes because I'm actually perfectly fine with myself a lot of the time. I've never been a thin person and highly doubt that I ever will be. It's a fact I've come to accept over the last 5 or so years and it's hardly ever hindered anything in my life (I've been a size 18 in bottoms and 20/22 in tops since I was 13 years old so y'know). My only problem is sodding clothes shopping!!!!!!!! How the hell can I carry on accepting myself when shops can't even accept that I'm never going to squish myself into a 16...that thousands of others all over the country are never going to do that.
I went out shopping with my mum today and the clothes in my size - in the very few shops that we managed to find scattered around the place - were all awful.
I remember at one point a few years ago I had no trouble with this and managed to find some great stuff, but everything seems to have gone back to stupid with old ladies in mind when it comes to design these days. Everything I tried made me look about 50 or it was all cut wrong/made in clingy fabric. I ended up coming home with nothing and just ordering a jumper online from Dorothy Perkins which I hope actually fits me. What makes it worse is my general taste in clothes anyway...places don't tend to cater to plus sized women who like to dress a little on the darker side. There were so many weird polo neck type tops all in baby blue/pink with massive flowers on them...NO...JUST NO!!!

I'm doomed to wear vest tops and hoodies all my life, aren't I? The majority of the time that's all I wear because that's all I can find. If I had my way I'd be quite glamorous really *sigh*
Will just have to trawl more websites and learn how to cut men's crew neck t-shirts into V-necks as well as pull fabic in at the side to make more of a waist so they're a little more flattering...


Manda said...

See hun, I don't see you this way because you always look amazing, and you carry what little extra weight you have in a really good way. But I know how awful the clothing stores can be :-(

I'm the opposite to you - bigger on bottom than top. I'm a size 18 on top, size 24 on bottom. I can get jeans from M&Co, or Mark One if need be, but the tops? Shocking. M&Co tops are all the same, all with ugly frills and patterns on. Mark One do a tiny section for size 18s and all the tops are pretty ugly.

If I want tops that look smart but also fit my overlarge chest, I normally end up at online catalogues, especially, which can be stupidly expensive but at least a little stylish!

It amazes me that in a country where not many people are going to fit into the anorexic clothes that take up 85% of the shop, where fast food shops take up a huge percentage of high streets, where stress drives people to overeat - there's a general lack of non-Burberry chav clothing for those of us who want to look savvy in our own way.

Half-Divine said...

That's the irritating thing about tops once you get past a 14/16. The designs are so awful...what's with all the flowers and frilly bits? I don't understand it...
Jeans are pretty easy to get hold of but tops are evil.

Average size in the UK is a 14 (or is it 16 now?) so the people above the average is obviously up as well...people need more shops to cater for them.