Saturday, 4 October 2008

Old notebooks.

It's amazing what you find when you're cleaning.

A big bunch of my old notebooks tumbled to the floor whilst I was cleaning out one of my cupboards to make space for more books. I've been sitting here for the last hour reading through them and laughing.
The idea of writing comedy has been in my head since I was 17 - back when I finally twigged I was quite funny - and I wrote soooo much material. One book is full of glued on scraps from jokes and sketch ideas I used to jot down during my classes at college, as well as newspaper clippings that I found amusing (rather than keeping the papers in tact for media studies research...whoops). What also fell out were a bunch of scripts from back when I did that comedy writing course during my gap year. There were 3 copies of a completed script for that show The IT Crowd (was a homework task where the whole class had to make up a plot, take a scene each to write then email each other to make a whole script) and I found the first draft of our own sitcom that we used to met up and write once the course was over.
I stopped bothering with all of this back in summer 2007. Life got really hard and I pretty much gave up on everything, shoved my notebooks into a cupboard and forgot about them completely.
It's really strange reading them back now, especially the older ones. I can't believe some of the stuff I actually managed to come out's not cringeworthy, it's actually still as crazy as when I jotted it down (that's if I remember jotting it down. Some of it I don't).

That was the whole reason I went to uni in the first place. I wanted to learn more skills to make my writing as sharp and as silly as possible, but things never really happened that way.

I wonder if I'll ever go back to what I wanted to do in the first place?

Oh well. I like this.

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