Friday, 24 October 2008

A Lush Life.

I had my first day of training with Lush in Regent Street today. I got there 10 minutes late because the traffic was hideous and my boss was waiting outside for me hopping and yelling "Hurry up the stairs, I made them wait...go woman!!!!"

I ran up to the store room where there were aboutttt 5 tables full of other new members of staff and two women standing up at the front. Behind them was a table full of Christmas bath ballistics, bubble bars, shampoo bars, massage bars, jugs and bowls of water, a whiteboard, stacks of post-it notes and emotibombs hung around the room like air fresheners.
We were all given a big workbook to take us through the training session with areas to mind map, write product information, draw silly pictures, note down good selling quotes etc
The first part of the session was an intros thing. We had to play something called 'People Bingo' where we all moved around the room and asked each other questions on the sheet. The person with all their boxes filled out with different names won a bubble bar. After that, we were told about the history of the company, charities it supports, how many stores there are world wide.
After that we had a break.
I found out that I used to go to school with one of the girls there. She was in my younger cousins year. I wouldn't have known if she hadn't of ran up to me yelling "DANIELLE'S COUSIN! HOLY FUCK!"
That was interesting...

When we came back from the break we all looked at products and talked about the top notes, middle notes and base notes of the different scents used. I now know that the zesty ones are all speedy top notes which are good as quick fix anti-depressants, helps migraine and hangovers, helps circulation, tones the skin, can ease nausea and speed metabolism.
Middle notes are quite warm and spicy smelling, helps circulation, helps balance skin (mostly combination) and mood, are antiseptic, good for memory recall, calming and pain numbing.
Base notes are the Barry White of the fragrance world apparently. They linger on the skin for up to 24 hours, are warming and soothing, indulgent, aphrodisiacs, can help with stuffy colds, are good for insomniacs, are good for rejuvenating older skin and are great for kids to use because they're calming and gentle.

After that, we went on a lunch break where I found out I knew yet another person there. Her name is Gillian and we went to the same secondary school. As well as that, she's one of the Mister's "friends" (I put it like that because she told me he annoys the fuck out of her). We sat there chatting about school, people we knew and what they're doing now etc.

Product demos were up next. We got taught how to perform hand massages on customers by practising in pairs. We then learnt how to get the most bubbles when doing bubble bar demonstrations as well as dip our hands into the water and smear it all over our arms (I'm now covered in red glitter from that), we were shown the proper way to lather up shower jellies and had to write down the way bombs work whilst chucking them into a bowl on the table.

At the end of the session, we all got given a nice little goodie bag.
Mine consisted of:
- A Jingle Spells bath ballistic
- A Twinkle bath ballistic
- A Mr Butterball bath ballistic
- Christmas kisses bubble bar
- Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar
- Happy hands hand cream
- Squeaky Green shampoo bar
- A small bottle of Tramp shower gel
- Three chunks of soap (Snowcake, Angels Delight and Christmas cake)
- A container of Gold, Frankincense and Beer shower jelly
- Therapy massage bar
- Buffy the backside slayer body butter

It's a good haul...I totted it all up and all those products would have come to roughly £43.

The biggest downside to today was going but forgetting to take my pain killers with me (I'm shocked I could move toward the end of the day. It was agony on the bus) and I ate beef for the first time in 16 years and it made me feel sick. I didn't know there was beef in it...Tia said it was chicken, then added the "oh, and beef" part after I'd pulled a funny face and began to heave. Urggghhh. I can still taste it...urgh...

Another day of training tomorrow. Then again on Sunday.
Hope those sessions are as good as today's.


Manda said...

I'm so pleased for you! Sounds like a wicked job ^_^

Weeping Shadows said...

Hell yeah!
Freebies are always good!

Sounds like you had an interesting day! That job sounds so awesome!