Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Worried much.

I'm supposed to start my training with Lush on Friday.
The bosses said they'd send us all an email before the day telling us where we need to be and what time over the whole 3 days training thing...but the interview was a week ago and, so far, no email has hit my inbox.

I'm now really worried. I've been running that day in my head making sure they did actually say I could have the job because right now I'm freaking out about me possibly hearing things wrong...or not hearing things wrong but them changing their minds. and forgetting to tell me..or something else horrible like that...
But I've been going over it and I can remember being told I could have the job. He asked me to email over my mobile number because it wasn't on the CV, which I did promptly, and that they'd send us a message with dates and times. All of us walked out of there beaming...I wish I took some details down for the other people I was in the interview with just to ask.

If I don't get anything by tomorrow afternoon then I'm going to call one of the managers and ask what's happening. I'm going out of my tiny mind.
I don't think anyone understands how much having a job like this would mean to me. I've not been able to work since I broke down, so to be told I've got something like this especially after all the hard work I put in to getting better...

Arrgghhhhh. Please let me get the email today.

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Weeping Shadows said...

You should get that e-mail soon.
If not, definitely call them.

Don't worry yourself too much!! x