Sunday, 12 October 2008

I have a job interview on Wednesday.

Lush finally got back to me. It's a group interview lasting about 2 hours and I couldn't be more petrified!

However, what's worrying me more is the response I've gotten. Mum and Dad are thrilled that I'm throwing myself back into interviews and such, but Mister is being REALLY weird with me... When I told him about me applying for jobs I got a weird look and a "Fine, spend even more time away from me then."
It was said in a jokey way, but the look I got in conjunction with it was like nothing I'd ever seen before.
I sent him a text earlier about Wednesday and I got a reply back going "Oh where?" so I said where the actual job would be and such and I just got an "ok" back and nothing else.
Probably nothing to make a big deal about, but this isn't an isolated incident. I told him I'd found a cheap-ish place to live and, provided I get a job and don't spend too much loan, I could move in after Christmastime. I was met with that same look, a sigh and a "Oh that's far...but you do what you think is right." When I said that I have to try and venture out on my own at some point, he gave me another sigh and "Like I said, whatever you think is right." then he went all quiet on me. Then there were the pill problems...he was great through all the crap it was causing me but gets the hump if I talk about trying something different now because of how long they last.
If I talk about my plans for after uni I get a weird smile and a "It's nice but we can't do that." or "Where do I fit in to all this?" or the scary one "I was kinda planning us settling down by then." SCARY MARY!!!! We've only been together 9 months and, whilst I love him to pieces and hope we carry on, I can't help thinking he's trying to stifle things. By his plans I'd be sprogged up as soon as I left uni living in a flat somewhere in the area not being able to work properly. I remember him saying once "I can go out and earn and you can do your writing thing at home."

That's scary!!!
Like I said, I probably have bugger all to worry about. I just don't like the weird attitude I get sometimes when I have my own plans.

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Weeping Shadows said...

Hmmmm... everything should be fine.