Monday, 6 October 2008

urgghh...what a day.

I'm sitting here typing after taking full whack of my painkillers and my sleeping pills. Thought I'd type and eat a box Ferrero Rocher whilst they kicked in.

I feel so "meh".

Today wasn't exactly the greatest day ever. Woke up and half 6 to get ready for a lecture this morning and couldn't get up properly (I keep forgetting to not take the sleeping pills the day before a lecture because they make me feel weird). Both bus rides were agony as usual, and some old lady nearly sat on me. The lecture was complete shit...the only good thing was sitting in the back row with my friends and even then I was too tried to join in with much.
They all went to Wagamammas after the lecture, but I had to get home to meet Ben. Wish I'd actually gone now.
I don't know what the hell it is but things still don't feel quite right. I tried to bring it up today but it didn't quite work :o(
I love him to pieces but I really am having problems.

Emma text me about my birthday. I'm still so pissed off with everything that I don't really want to see her. Ben told me I should let this one blow over, but I've done that one too many times now and I'm sick of feeling like a doormat. I text back saying that I was busy with my uni friends on Wednesday and I'm seeing a show on Friday. That was it. All I got back was "Ok, have fun."

Keeping on the subject of my Birthday, I think I very nearly missed having Patricia join us. I was sitting there and Sian asked me what the plan was for Wednesday because she's not had a computer to be able to check the messages. After that, Patricia started going "Oh, where are you going?", "Where is that?", "Who else is going to be there?", "What time?"
I did a ditsy "Oh some food selling restaurant type place on earth...QUICK, TO THE TIME MACHINE!!"

That quickly ended the questions. I love being able to say things like that and get away with it.

Oh well, I've got silly hats for all of us on Wednesday. Pointy party hats to be precise. And tiaras, and wands, and blowers. Oh yes, we shall all look awesome!

Ok, I am actually starting to feel drowsy now. I'd better log off before I shut down.


Weeping Shadows said...

*gasp* Avenged sevenfold!!!

Yeah... they're awesome :)

Oh yay, what fun we will have with the silly hats, can't wait!

Half-Divine said...

Aparently it's going to piss down tomorrow though :o(
We'll have to hide the hats from ze waaattteerrr!

Manda said...

We missed you at a Wagamama's, and loved having you with us at the back whether you were tired or not *glomp*

Your present looks really pretty by the way (and I'm not just saying that because I wrapped it myself, bwahahahahah)

Oh dear, Patricia was asking that? Lol, she asked "Who else is going to be there"...I bet if she knew I was going she wouldn't want to anyway. Didn't know they were asking you though :-/ meep. Sorry that you were put in that position, hun :-(